Steve LeVine is Washington Correspondent for Quartz, a new Website on economics and business launched by the Atlantic Media Co. He is also a Schwartz Fellow at the New America Foundation in Washington, and an adjunct professor at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Affairs, where he teaches energy and security. Steve previously was correspondent for Central Asia and the Caucasus for The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times for 11 years. Before that, he was a correspondent in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and before that the Philippines. His first book was The Oil and the Glory, a history of the former Soviet Union through the lens of petroleum and big geopolitics. His next book, Putin's Labyrinth, profiled Russia through the lives and deaths of six Russians. Steve's next book will be on the geopolitics of technology, and the race among nations for a breakthrough in advanced batteries.

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A Business Week Top-Ten Book of 2007

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Order on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Praise for The Oil and the Glory:
A gripping account of a fascinating — and little known — region. LeVine brings to life the tycoons, inventors, politicians and crooks of the Caspian.

The result is a vivid, compelling, and wonderfully written account of a crucial part of the world.

Joseph E. Stiglitz, 2001 Nobel laureate in economics

For years, Steve LeVine produced relentless, solid reporting about the southern tier of the former Soviet Union.

Here, he more than puts it all together. He takes the story to an historical level, thereby producing a great read about the Caspian oil boom.

Robert D. Kaplan, Author of "Balkan Ghosts"

No one knows the murky world of American politics, international oil and corporate corruption in the Caspian better than Steve LeVine.

This is an unforgettable story about forgettable fixers and forgettable governments out for the big bucks.

Seymour M. Hersh, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author

LeVine’s merry romp through the new oil Klondike of the 21st century is a page turner chronicling the exotic activities of oligarchs, oil majors, explorers, crooks, wheeler dealers, pipeline builders, and Caspian politicians. We will hear more about this colorful cast if Russia continues to flex its muscles on energy supplies in the region.

Jonathan Aitken, The American Spectator

Praise for Putin's Labyrinth:
If Steve LeVine's aim … was to chill us to the marrow about post-Communist Russia, he has succeeded.

George Walden, Bloomberg

LeVine's reconstruction of a savagely botched anti-terrorist operation at a Moscow theatre is particularly effective.

Edward Lucas, The Economist

With fresh insights into the Chechen wars and Putin’s post-presidency plans, LeVine’s important take on the all-too-real machinations and bloodthirstiness from which espionage thrillers are made is both unnerving and intriguing.

Donna Seaman, Booklist

The Weekly Wrap — Aug. 3, 2012 (Part II)

Posted by Logan Bayroff

Blackout: First India, then China? Astonishment has been one takeaway from India’s massive blackout, which by comparison is in the ballpark of a loss of power to the entirety of the United States and western Europe. Another reaction has been tut-tutting — we all knew that motley India, held together with more…

The Weekly Wrap — Aug. 3, 2012 (Part I)

Posted by Steve LeVine

China’s moment of coal truth: A question that has vexed us for some time is when we will witness an inflection point in ordinary Chinese tolerance for the coal-borne pollution in their air. At that time, we have argued, we will likely also see a sharp turn away from coal consumption, more…

Will oil companies provide Kurdistan its de facto statehood?

Posted by Steve LeVine

Less than a year after the departure of U.S. troops from Iraq, Baghdad is losing a primary lever over independent-minded Kurdistan — its grip on the northern region’s revenue-earning oil industry. Kurdistan’s secret weapon? Foreign oil companies are exasperated with Baghdad’s stinginess and allured by the Kurds’ more liberal terms for more…

The Weekly Wrap — July 27, 2012 (Part II)

Posted by Steve LeVine and Logan Bayroff

What is with superheroes and fission: No film is bigger this summer than the latest Batman offering, The Dark Knight Rises. While taking in the film, we couldn’t help but notice that clean energy is a central plot point — specifically, a nuclear fusion reactor that Bruce Wayne, more…

The Weekly Wrap — July 27, 2012 (Part I)

Posted by Steve LeVine

A mountain-top take on the flood: If Montana is a microcosm of the world, one message to glean is that we are not in the midst of a decades-long flood of oil supply in the United States, as many suggest. Instead, the red lights are blinking across the exuberant U.S. oil more…

The last free oligarch

Posted by Steve LeVine

No Russian oligarch has had a longer career stretch than Mikhail Fridman — enfant terrible, tormentor of foreign titans and, according to Forbes, the 43d richest man in the world. Now, this last pillar of no-holds-barred Russian capitalism is under threat, at least in the oil industry, where he has earned more…

The Weekly Wrap — July 20, 2012 (Part I)

Posted by Steve LeVine

Oligarchs in the Kremlin: For the last dozen years, we have seen ample evidence of Vladimir Putin’s policy on Russia’s oil and gas industry — a paramount strategic asset, it is to be jealously held, only begrudgingly ladled out to foreigners, and always, always to remain in firm Russian hands. That more…

The Weekly Wrap — July 20, 2012 (Part II)

Posted by Steve LeVine and Logan Bayroff

The West zigs, China zags: The West is erecting tariff barriers to prevent Chinese renewable energy companies from dumping their products. What is China’s reaction? To set its sights on the developing world. So far at least, this may be one of the few win-win areas in the more…

Meet the winners and losers of the coming age of plenty

Posted by Steve LeVine

We are suffering whiplash: For nearly four decades, OPEC — the cartel formally known as the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries — has been a major economic and geopolitical force in our collective lives, driving nations to war, otherwise self-respecting world leaders to genuflect, and economists to shudder. The last half-dozen more…

The Weekly Wrap — July 14, 2012

Posted by Steve LeVine

The AWOL environmental lobby: Over the last several months, this blog has posted a series of lengthy contemplations of a momentous and unnerving new trend — the possibility of yet another in the century-and-a-half-long cycle of global oil and gas surpluses. According to a consensus of leading analysts, the world more…

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